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Vintage FAQs

All vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind, hand-picked, and redesigned by me! Me being Rebelflow founder, Nicole. At the moment, pretty much all aspects of my business are handled by moi, with the exception of help from family and friends when it comes to finances, organization, last minute post office drop offs, et cetera and a handful of other people I work with who help me turn all of my vintage dreams into reality. Anything and everything in terms of designing, buying, selling, shipping, customer service, website and social media management, content creation and collaborations, all of that and much more—it is all done by just me! One person!  

In addition to all of those duties I have as a small brand owner, I also spend hours upon hours searching for the coolest vintage pieces for all of you. It’s all good though because vintage buying is one of my favorite parts of the job! Not to mention, selling repurposed and/or upcycled vintage clothing is by far the most sustainable route a clothing brand can take. So just know, if I am randomly silent on social media, don't pick up your call, or don’t get back to your DM or email for a minute, it’s probably because I’m at the bottom of a bin.. yes, physically digging to find hidden treasure for you all. Vintage sourcing is not glamorous whatsoever, but there aren't many other things that get my adrenaline pumping like finding the gems in the rough. A large majority of the vintage I see is absolutely heinous. I'm not going to lie. So also please know that you are not only paying for a dope vintage item, you are paying for my taste, expertise, and the convenience of having the few best pieces picked out of a sea of ugly clothes that make my eyes sore. Many other brands that sell vintage don’t take more than a few seconds to look at the pieces they buy, and just rely on the fact that a vintage item has a brand name to be able to sell it. That is not the case here, I would never buy or sell something that I wouldn’t personally wear or see another person wearing and think, “That piece is cool AF.” No brand name is immune from producing a not so cute article of clothing. 

Only if it passes my coolness test does it make the Rebelflow cut.  

Vintage clothing cannot be “produced” like the other pieces on my website, it can only be found and then repurposed and/or redesigned. Some of my vintage pieces are completely left as they are found, and others are redesigned by me with the help of a few other amazing people who I work with and direct. 

If you have any questions about vintage, please take a few minutes to read these FAQs. I have compiled all the questions I am frequently asked about vintage below to make it easiest for everyone to understand how Rebelflow vintage works!


Is there only one of each?

Yep! These are true vintage items so there is only one of each!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I can ship internationally, please refer to the Shipping & Delivery page on my website for more information about international shipping.

Will you be restocking [a certain type of vintage]?

Yes, however I cannot “restock” in the sense that I can duplicate a specific product because each vintage item is one-of-a-kind. However, I can definitely work on finding and recreating general types of vintage. If a certain type of vintage has sold well in the past and I also still believe in it myself, yes, I can work on more and I am always working on more of previous types—as well as innovating new typesof vintage for you all!

When will you be restocking [a certain type of vintage]?

Due to the nature of vintage, I am not ever able to give a date of when a certain type will be “restocked.” I can assure you that I am working on a certain type of vintage, however, vintage cannot be produced, it can only be found and then repurposed and/or redesigned. Because of this, I can never be sure of when I will come across certain types of vintage, so unfortunately, I will never be able to give specific restock dates for vintage. But be sure to stay tuned on Instagram @shoprebelflow for all vintage drop announcements!

How do you source your vintage?

I could never reveal my secrets like that. But what I can let you know is that it is not sourced from thrift stores. The places I source from are not open to the public and very high minimums are involved each time I buy. I have to invest thousands of dollars and buy in bulk every time I source vintage.

Do you tie dye the vintage yourself?

Not a chance, I leave that to the professionals. All vintage is dyed and/or reworked professionally, however, I completely direct all the redesigns and dye work based off of inspiration I spend hours curating, as well as my own ideas that come to mind!

Do you relabel your vintage?

Nope! Any and all tags, or lack thereof, are left in the vintage pieces. 

How is your vintage priced?

All vintage is priced proportionally to the amount I pay for it, significantly below the standard retail margin. OMG! You have to pay for your vintage!? Yes, of course. Every single time I source vintage I have to invest thousands of dollars in product and reworking labor. Not to mention, my own physical and mental labor of spending hours at a time digging through vintage clothing. Because I price my vintage significantly below the standard retail margin, I can guarantee that you are getting the absolute best price for all the materials and labor involved in getting these pieces into your closet. I always do my best to keep all my clothing prices as low as I possibly can, however, vintage prices are subject to increase at any time.

Do you take custom orders?

Unfortunately, I cannot take custom orders. Due to the amount of time and effort vintage buying involves, as well as the uncertainty in sourcing vintage, this is not a possibility.