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Positive Energy Black and White Marble Tie Dye Asymmetrical Top

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The marble tie dye effect on this top really gets all that positive energy flowing. Not only is it aesthetic to look at, but the design of this top is so unique.. so just remember to pass along the compliments you get when wearing this top and keep spreading the good energy to everyone else you see in a good freaking out-FIT.

NOTE: Very stretchy and can easily adjust length by tucking it into your bottoms or scrunching for a more cropped look like how it is photographed. Fits S-L.

Nataly wears One Size.

Paired with the Vintage Levi High Waisted Jeans.

Pieces run true to size unless stated otherwise in "Details" tab to the left.


XS/S - 32-34 A-B

M - 34-36 C

L - 36+ C-D


S - 24-25

M - 26-27

L - 28-29