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Brand Story

Don't read the next sentence. Such a rebel. 

If you’re reading this, you are a visionary. You know what's cool before it's cool. You stay on top of trends, but you also aren't afraid to break the rules sometimes. You set the beat of your own style and do what you want. One morning you’re feeling a mini dress with boots, the next morning you’re feeling a blazer with sneakers. So be it.

Here's where we come in.

We're here to restore order in your drawers. For too long, fashion has led us astray by trends with a shelf-life. Remember heeled sneakers? Skinny jeans? Sorry for even bringing it up.

We do what we want, for you.

We bring opposing styles together by combining pieces that rebel—inspired by street and hype culturewith pieces that flow—passing the test of both trend and time. We assure contemporary coolness through looks that are perfectly and simultaneously both nostalgic and futuristic.

 We’re simple yet unafraid. Effortless and eye catching.

We Yin and Yang.

We Rebel and Flow.